Digital Transformation Toolbox

Digital Transformation Toolbox has been created by a team of professionals who have spent their careers building, running, growing, improving and transforming businesses around the world.

Our team has extensive experience working with corporations across a range of sectors in more than 10 countries. From start-up to blue-chip across retail, technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, travel, energy, banking and government. Our team has a passion for making businesses work better, improving the lives of the people working in these businesses and sharing the lessons they have learned along the way.

With the help of the materials on offer here, we hope that over the world SMEs, particularly those in the service sector, will be able to independently prepare the necessary strategic and operational changes in direction towards digital transformation one step at a time and to initiate their implementation in day-to-day business processes.

The materials that we offer for working, learning and planning will help you understand the opportunities and risks of digital transformation. By developing and implementing your individual strategy for digital transformation, you will be able to sustainably increase your productivity.

What We Offer

We offer access to a vast and growing library of tools, templates, frameworks and techniques that are proven to deliver value across wide range of organizational environments, markets and challenges. These are what the experts use and they have been created by experts. We are democratizing this knowledge, with a focus on 4 areas:

1. Strategy and Planning – A range of tools, guides, frameworks and templates to support business planning, business analysis, market assessment, competition analysis, strategy development, value chain analysis, financial performance improvement, business planning, operating model design, mergers, acquisitions and more.

2. Customer Experience – A comprehensive set of tools, guides and methods to assist businesses and individuals seeking to create a great experiences for their customers across all channels and product lines. From customer experience diagnosis to customer experience design, our range of tools are proven to help lift customer advocacy.

3. Business Excellence – An extensive set of methods and techniques proven to help businesses perform better – more productively, more efficiently, higher quality, faster moving, more agility and with less waste. These tools help inject best practice into any operation and will support taking any business to the next level of performance.

4. Business Transformation – Transformation is fraught with challenge. Leverage our guides, templates and insights to help design and deliver a successful transformation program. Our tools span transformation design, transformation strategy, transformation planning and transformation execution. They encompass culture, technology, organization and processes. Leverage our tools to make your transformation endeavor successful.