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01. Enterprise Assessment

This Digital Maturity Assessment Tool enables organisations to self-assess their level of digital maturity. The objective is to gain a picture of your organisation’s current level of digital maturity and identify what you’re doing well and where improvements can be made.

  •  DX01-Template_Governance and Leadership Assessment.doc
  •  DX02-Template_People and Enterprise Culture Assessment.doc
  •  DX03-Template_Capacity and Capability Assessment.doc
  •  DX04-Template_Innovation Assessment.doc
  •  DX05-Template_Technology Assessment.doc
  •  DX06-Template_Digital Transformation Scorecard.pptx
  •  DX07-Template_Digital_Maturity_Assessment.doc
  •  DX08-Template_Digital Maturity Assessment Tools.xls
  •  DX09-Template_Resource Capability Assessment Worksheet.doc
  •  DX10-Template_Enterprise Strategy Assessment.doc
  •  DX11-Template_Enterprise Demand Survey.doc
  •  DX12-Template_Guidance_Business Executive Interview.doc
  •  DX13-Template_Stakeholder Guidelines and Analysis.doc
  •  DX14-Template_Guidance_Enterprise Strategy and Goals.doc
  •  DX15-Template_SWOT Summary of Main Business Domains.doc
  •  DX16-Template_Final Assessment Report.doc
  •  DX17-Preparing Guide for Digital Transformation.pdf

02. Digital Architecture Design

The Digital Enterprise Architect is responsible for integrating business and IT by creating the Digital EA Map across multiple layers from the Motivation & Strategic Layer to the Business Layer to the Application Layer to the Technology Layer as well as to the Implementation Migration Layer and vice versa, so that the right portfolio of investment projects can be designed and executed by the PMO through IT projects in a way that makes the best use of IT resources and achieves planned business outcomes.

  •  DX01-Digital Enterprise Architecture Reference Model.pptx
  •  DX02-Design of Architecture Development Process.pptx
  •  DX03-Design of Business Architecture Model.pptx
  •  DX04-Design of Application Architecture Model.pptx
  •  DX05-Design of Data and Information Architecture Model.pptx
  •  DX06-Designing of Technology Architecture Model.pptx
  •  DX07-Design of People and Organization Architecture Model.pptx
  •  DX08-Design of Strategic Roadmap.pptx
  •  DX09-Design of Digital Transformation Reference Model.pptx
  •  DX10-Enterprise Architecture For Digital Transformation.pptx
  •  DX11-Enterprise Architecture Governance – RACI Chart.pptx

03. Gap Analysis Tools

The aim of the tool is to reduce the risk of undertaking digital transformation projects that are not likely to succeed because they are too difficult to undertake or fail to have real benefits to customers of the organisation. This tool helps you to prioritise the roll-out of any number of potential digital projects by asking you to consider how each one rates against four key categories of criteria: mandatory criteria, benefits, ease of execution, and risk.

  •  DX01-Template_CANVAS Business Model chart1.doc
  •  DX02-Template_CANVAS Business Model chart 2.doc
  •  DX03-Template_CANVAS Business Model chart3.doc
  •  DX04-Template_PESTLE Political Factors Worksheet.docx
  •  DX05-Template_PESTLE Economic Factors Worksheet.docx
  •  DX06-Template_PESTLE Social Factors Worksheet.docx
  •  DX07-Template_PESTLE Technological Factors Worksheet.docx
  •  DX08-Template_PESTLE Legal Factors Worksheet.docx
  •  DX09-Template_PESTLE Environmental Factors Worksheet.docx
  •  DX10-Template_SWOT Analysis Worksheet.docx
  •  DX11-Template_SWOT Inferred Strategy for Digital Transformation.docx
  •  DX12-Template_GAP Analysis Strenghts Worksheet.docx
  •  DX13-Template_GAP Analysis Weaknesses Worksheet.docx
  •  DX14-Template_Digital Transformation – Change Protocol.docx
  •  DX15-Template_Prioritisation Tool Worksheet.xlsx
  •  DX16-Template_Prioritisation Tool Demo Version.xlsx
  •  DX17-Template_Gap Analysis.xls
  •  DX18-Digital Transformation Canvas.pdf
  •  DX19-Digital Transformation Before and After Analysis Grid.pptx
  •  DX20-Digital Transformation Pallete Worksheet.pdf

04. Digital Technology Selection

While supplier selection and technology selection often go hand in hand, it’s important to keep in mind that they are not one and the same. Certainly, whenever capital outlays are involved, choosing the right technology for your business requirements and specific applications is important, but choosing the right supplier to provide that technology and associated support is even more so. Technology is a business tool, but a major supplier is a business partner. The technology user and technology supplier must share a mutual sense of trust and, ideally, a certain degree of commitment to ensuring each other’s business continuity.

  •  DX01-Template_Questionaire for Choosing the Right Digital Strategy.doc
  •  DX02-Template_Analyse and Choose Resources.doc
  •  DX03-Template_Digital Transformation Challenges List.doc
  •  DX04-Template_Organizational Resources Review.doc
  •  DX05-Template_Digital Technology Evaluation Criteria.xls
  •  DX06-Template_Vendor Evaluation Criteria.xls
  •  DX07-Template_Consultant Evaluation Matrix.doc
  •  DX08-Vendor Infrastructure Maturity Assesment.xls
  •  DX09-Template_Issues Management of Supplier.docx
  •  DX10-Reference checking for vendor.xlsx
  •  DX11-Vendor Selection Checklist and Questionnaire.docx

05. Digital Transformation Strategy Plan

A digital transformation plan is a strategic, long-term plan focusing on integrated digital media channels, implementation of new technologies, and smart, digital ways of working. The template is a guide only and can be amended, expanded and redesigned to suit your organisation. The template is modelled on current strategy documents developed by consulting organisations.

  •  DX01-Template_Digital Strategy.doc
  •  DX02-Template_Digital Transformation Plan.doc
  •  DX03-Template_Digital Transformation Project Prioritisation.xlsx
  • Template_Digital Strategy for Divisions.doc
  •  DX04-Template_Digital Marketing Strategy Sample.doc
  •  DX05-Template_Digital Strategy For All Department.doc
  •  DX06-Template_Digital Strategy For Organization.doc
  •  DX07-Template_Digital Strategy Implementation Plan.docx
  •  DX08-Template_Digital Transformation Strategy.pptx
  •  DX09-Template_New Technology Monitor.xls
  •  DX10-Template_Digital Strategy Roadmap Sample.doc
  •  DX11-Template_Digital Strategy Roadmap.xls
  •  DX12-Template_Digital Transformation Plan 3 Steps Worksheet.doc
  •  DX13-Template_Financial Review.doc
  •  DX14-Template_Solution Review.doc
  •  DX15-Template_Business Review.doc
  •  DX16-Template_Digital Transformation KPIs.doc
  •  DX17-Case study_Digital Transformation Strategy.doc

06. Plans To Deploy

This tool will help you create a high-level implementation plan for your digital strategy. You will be able to identify the key actions and goals that you need to achieve in order to develop, implement, and monitor your digital strategy. The tool is in Word format, so you can easily modify it to fit your needs or use it as a reference to create your own tool in a different format.

  •  DX01-Template_Project Management Plan.doc
  •  DX02-Template_Scope Management Plan.doc
  •  DX03-Template_Requirements Management Plan.doc
  •  DX04-Template_Team Performance Assessment.doc
  •  DX05-Template_Schedule Management Plan.doc
  •  DX06-Template_Activity List.doc
  •  DX07-Template_Milestone List.doc
  •  DX08-Template_Project Schedule.doc
  •  DX09-Template_Cost Management Plan.doc
  •  DX10-Template_Activity Cost Estimates.doc
  •  DX11-Template_Quality Management Plan.doc
  •  DX12-Template_Quality Metrics.doc
  •  DX13-Template_Responsibility Assignment Matrix.doc
  •  DX14-Template_Human Resource Management Plan.doc
  •  DX15-Template_Communications Management Plan.doc
  •  DX16-Template_Risk Management Plan.doc
  •  DX17-Template_Procurement Management Plan.doc
  •  DX18-Template_Stakeholder Management Plan.doc
  •  DX19-Template_Change Management Plan.doc
  •  DX20-Template_Project Performance Report.doc
  •  DX21-Template_Variance Analysis Reports.doc
  •  DX22-Template_Earned Value Status Report.doc
  •  DX23-Template_Contractor Status Report.doc
  •  DX24-Template_Contract Close-Out.doc
  •  DX25-Template_Project Close-Out.doc
  •  DX26-Template_Lessons Learned.doc
  •  And more…

07. Digital Transformation Project Slides

What are the drivers and benefits of digital transformation? How does it affect different industry sectors? What are the digital technologies that you need to know? What are the elements of a digital business? How do you begin your digital transformation journey? What are the challenges and barriers that you may face? Who should be in charge of leading digital transformation? How important is customer experience in digital transformation?

  •  DX01-Assessing Your Business Capabilities.pptx
  •  DX02-Defining Business Requirements.pptx
  •  DX03-Developing Customer Journey.pptx
  •  DX04-Developing Products and Determining Roles and Responsibilities.pptx
  •  DX05-Developing the Enterprise Business Architecture Map.pptx
  •  DX06-Enterprise Architecture Framework and Process Models.pptx
  •  DX07-Improving Processes.pptx
  •  DX08-Managing Compliance and Risks.pptx
  •  DX09-Managing Your Architecture Evolution.pptx
  •  DX10-Merging With Companies or Acquiring Portfolios.pptx
  •  DX11-Planning Digital Transformation.pptx
  •  DX12-Planning Organizations.pptx
  •  DX13-Robotic Process Automation (RPA).pptx
  •  DX14-Tracking Digital Transformation.pptx
  •  DX15-Plan Your Digital Transformation on a Page.pptx
  •  DX16-Digital Transformation Frameworks.pptx
  •  DX17-Digital Transformation Which KPIs.pptx
  •  DX18-Digital Transformation And Enterprise Architecture.pptx

08. Guide & Case Study

These documents are the result of the “Digitalisation project”, which aims to develop a tool that simplifies the processes of digital transformation in small and medium-sized enterprises. The main objective of this project is to create a process model for digital transformation that can be applied to different contexts and situations. In these case studies, you will see how various businesses have used this tool to design and implement their digital strategies, overcome their challenges, and achieve their goals. You will also learn from their successes and failures, and gain insights into the best practices and lessons learned from their experiences.

  •  DX01-Digital Transformation Toolkits Guide.doc
  •  DX02-A Case Study of A Large Retailer.doc
  •  DX03-A Case Study Digital Government Strategy.doc
  •  DX04-A Case Study of Digital Transformation Process.doc
  •  DX05-A Case Study Digital Transformation in Goverment.doc
  •  DX06-A Case Study IT Strategic Plan And Digital Transformation.pdf
  •  DX07-A Case Study Digital Transformation Focus On Organizational Culture.doc